About Us

Mexicali Blue is a Southwestern/Californian style restaurant, that serves ultra fresh tacos and burritos.

Mexicali Blue opened up shop in December 2003, with our flagship location in Wappingers Falls, NY. We've been proudly serving the best Mexican cuisine in New York ever since. We are known for the unique taste of our Mexican food, fresh ingredients utilized in every meal and quick delivery times. We are one of the highest rated Mexican restaurants in the NY. We are committed to serving natural and fresh Mexican food of the tastiest quality. Every morning at Mexicali, we prepare fresh ingredients to be used in customer orders throughout the day. They never come frozen, nothing is ever reheated, and nothing is ever fried. Mexican food prepped by us is guaranteed fresh, everyday. We at Mexicali fully understand the importance of atmosphere along with the food. We have some of the finest dine-in decor to ensure you not only enjoy the healthiest food but are surrounded by a beautiful, comfortable and inviting environment. We have carefully selected a wonderful staff ready to provide you an amazing dining experience. The serving staff at Mexicali is highly trained, well-mannered and friendly. You can also enjoy your Mexican take-out from our Wappingers Fall branch location!

Our Specialties

Though all the dishes on our menu are cooked to perfection by our incredible chefs (who have years of experience under their belt), some of our notable specialties at Mexicali blue include:

Cali Catfish Taco
Being one of the most famous Mexican food, Cali catfish Taco is one of the main specialty at Mexicali, no one makes a better Cali Catfish Taco than us. Cali catfish Taco consists of a folded or rolled tortilla filled with various mixtures such as Catfish with cole slaw and cheese on a blue corn tortilla. If you are looking for Cali Taco is NY, you've come to the right place as we serve the best Cali Catfish Taco in NY at amazing rates. Cali Catfish Taco must be include in your menu if you are planning an event and want us to provide you the Mexican Party catering services.

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla
Our Grilled chicken marinated in chipolte hot sauce, vegetable fried rice and black beans, cheese and pico de gallo in a 12 inch shell with side of herb sour cream, is mouthwatering delicious. Try any Chipotle Quesadilla from Mexicali and you will instantly understand what the fuss is all about! The ultimate taste of Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla at Mexicali has made us the regular stop for tons of folks, be they college students, office workers, or businessmen.

The sides are an important and delicious part of the menu. The salsa is made daily with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, lime, red onions, salt and pepper. The guacamole starts with peeling ripe avocados, then adding pico de gallo, lime juice, salt and pepper. The southwestern potato salad and cole slaw are freshly made in store. Don't expect less than the best Mexican Food from the best Mexican restaurant in the town!

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Why we are the best Mexican Restaurant in NY

Here are some of the reasons we are one of the best and finest Mexican restaurants in NY,

Food taste & quality
The ultimate taste of Mexican food along with the highest quality offerings has made us the best Mexican resultants in NY. All the food is cooked with the fresh ingredients, It really doesn't get any better than this. You can also contact us for best Mexican food catering or Mexican Party Catering for your next event.

Mexicali Blue has a beautiful dining area, on-par with all of the best Mexican restaurants in NY. We have a unique floor plan which, along with the help of our staff, will ensure you have a great time. Whether you want to dine with your family and kids, or enjoy your time with friends/colleagues, neither party goes disturbed as you will be seated and served accordingly.

Nobody can beat us when it comes to offering great food at greater prices. We are serve all the most popular Mexican and southwestern food items as well as some in-house specialties our competitors can only dream of serving! Mexicali is the best Mexican restaurant in NY when it comes to Mexican food and prices.

One-stop satisfaction
Mexicali is the place where you can find everything under one roof. Be it the best, freshest food, drinks, great culture, a friendly staff ad more! Along with the tastiest Mexican food, we also offer sides and beverages of all types.

Quote from chef Michael Pardus of the Culinary Institute of America:

"Mexicali Blue... is a truly west coast taco shack. Squeezed into a ridiculously small space with six stools, they serve simple, and sparklingly fresh Mexican style street food."